SMOKE, by Dan Vyela

The old nickname for London - The Smoke - no doubt had to do with the smog from thousands of coal fires that once made the city's air nearly unbreathable and created impenetrable fogs. In this novel, set in (probably) the early 20th century, Smoke alludes to a visible evidence of sin, in thought or deed. Hundreds of years before, this strange manifestation changed British history, and over time isolated the island from the world's progress. We open at an elite boy's school where the children of the "smokeless" class send their sons.Click below for more...
William and Charles are two boys who do not quite fit in the school's ethos of superiority and privilege, although both come from that class. They leave the school on holiday. to visit William's family and meet his half-sister who has trained herself to not issue smoke...or any human feeling. But the family hides deep secrets, among them insanity andan illegal, even deadly, laboratory. The plot spins into another, darker, dimension as someone tries to murder the trio. The chase takes them below ground, then to London, the epicenter of all sin. Many-layered, surprisingly topical despite its exotic facade, this is one to savor. Perfect for a book club. It's a 5+. And I'll bet we'll see a movie (starring, no doubt, Tom Hanks as the villainous puppet master).
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