2/series, The Fitzhughs. Despite the absurd title which doesn't have much to do with the plot, you'll have another great read on your hands from this award-winning author who specializes in feisty heroines and unusual situations. This Victorian confection (sour apple flavor) illuminates a marriage of convenience: the heiress bride has the money, the handsome groom has the title. The groom also has a love he won't let go of, despite the perilous financial position his title is in. Click below for more, but never a spoiler...
Millie has done the unthinkable on many levels: she has acquiesced to a "bought" marriage in exchange for a title. She will become Countess Fitzhugh. Her high-priced husband marries her against his will. And she loves him. Realizing she'll never have him - the beautiful Isabelle has his heart - on her wedding night she strikes an agreement: in eight years they will consummate the marriage. Only for an heir. Then they go their separate ways and he can go to Isabelle. For eight years, as friends and confidants, then as business partners, they exist with barely a touch. And then . . .
It's a 5, one you won't be able to put down. Even if you aren't crazy about romances with silly titles, read this. It's a charmer.
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