2/Romance trilogy. With a specialty in mesmerizing beginnings (followed by an entire  mesmerizing story), this finely-crafted tale of estrangement and second chances will grab you by the heart and not let you go. Lord and Lady Tremayne have the perfect Victoria marriage. He lives in America and she lives a lavish life of privilege in London. This has gone on since their wedding, when the bride had discovered her groom had betrayed her. Now Gigi wants her freedom so she can re-marry, and long-gone spouse Camden Saybrook is back to fight for his marriage . . . or not. Click below for more...
Camden claims he wants an heir. If she'll give him that, he'll let her go. Absurd, but he's unyielding. Remembering the passion she felt for him, Gigi's against the idea...but yields, keeping her gentle-but-uninspiring fiance in the dark. One year: no heir, too bad. But the plan doesn't go according to plan. Read it and delight. It's another 5 from this award-winning author.
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