THE HARVEST MAN, by Alex Grecian

4/series starring Walter Day and Nevil Hammersmith of the Scotland Yard Murder Squad. Victorian England had its share of serial killers, but communication wasn't good enough for news to travel far. The killer known as The Harvest Man may have eluded the police, but he's set his sights on the Day family. Walter Day has troubles of his own: his wife's wealthy, hostile family has come to visit and taken over the household. Hammersmith, recklessly throwing himself into his work, was stabbed in the chest; his superior, fearing Hammersmith would merely get killed on the job, fired him. Walter Day, whose injured leg still troubles him, is confined to a desk job. Click below for more...
But Hammersmith is obsessed with Jack the Ripper, or Saucy Jack, and even though unemployed, stays on the killer's trail. When the Harvest Man continues his grisly work, the trail is muddied. Who is carving faces off innocent London families? When will the killers strike at the Day family? The surprise at the end is a total turn-around. It's a grim, gory, atmospheric 5.
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