LAMENTATION, by C. J. Sansom

6/series starring Tudor-eras lawyer Matthew Shardlake, who this time in in really deep. Queen Catherine Parr asks Matthew to find a dangerously provocative manuscript that's gone missing. A religious tract by the queen herself, in the atmosphere of the court her enemies could use it to turn Henry against her. A printer is murdered, and a fragment of the manuscript is found in his hand. The dead man was possibly an Anabaptist, a sect believing in commonly-held property that Henry loathes and fears. When an old adversary of Matthew's lies dying, instead of reconciliation, the man wonders what will happen to Matthew now. Before he can learn more, the man is gone. Click below for more...
As with all these huge books, the plot is intricate, and believable, well-researched, and chock full of authentic details. In the Tudor age,violence was everyday, and a way of life for many. As Matthew wonders how the manuscript was filched, he begins to fear he and those around him are in more than ordinary danger. The real threat may be very high up. It's a 5; read the series in order if you can.
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