KING MAYBE, by Timothy Hallinan

5/series starring LA burglar-for-life Junior Bender. Sent to burgle the home of a notorious hit man called The Slugger, Junior's promised window of opportunity is abruptly closed just as he lays fingers on the prize. It's a set-up. Bender, with typical chutzpah and a spectacular save by his girlfriend, escapes, but The Slugger and a like-minded sidekick are hot and heavy on his trail. Along with the chase, his ex-wife texts a change in his daughter's birthday party plans. Yet another set-up that could turn lethal! Click below for more no-spoiler review...
What started as the simple heist of a rare stamp turns into a convoluted pay-back scheme that leads Junior - merely to keep himself alive - into even more (corrective, you might say) break-ins, culminating at the fortress-like residence of one of Hollywood's most notorious luminaries. Yet another set-up, but this one's a real killer. Fun, fast, and feisty, this is Hallinan at his sparkling best: witty, original, erudite, violent. . . perfect. It's a 5. Read these in order, they are all great. And if you haven't read Hallinan's Poke Rafferty series, give yourself a treat and pick up Queen of Patpong..