BODY LINE, by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

13/series with London Detective Inspector Bill Slider. If you ever yearn to binge on a series of ferociously well-written English police mysteries, this is the author, and the series, for you. A perfect combination of grit, disaster, humor, pathos, grief and laugh-out-loud dialogue, you'll stay entranced through all twenty of the tales. And they are not re-hashes, each is unique, and the problems faced by Slider and his team, and in their personal lives as well, are presented flawlessly. Click below for more...
When Slider and sidekick Jim Atherton arrive at an elegant Georgian mansion in Shepherd's Bush, they learn the victim's girlfriend had hung from her fingertips from a balcony to avoid the killer. But she never saw his face, only his heavy boots. It seems that the good doctor is rather faceless as well. A big spender, fond of the best money could buy (including more than one or two girlfriends), but nobody is really sure how he earned his money. As Slider and his team investigate, a completely different view of the victim emerges. This is a 5, with marvelously funny (at times) dialogue, a good solid plot, and ltos of interesting characters. Wonderful series.

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