THE FEAR ARTIST, by Timothy Hallinan

/series set in Bangkok starring Poke Rafferty. As he leaves a paint store, a man stumbles into Poke and dies in his arms. Police, including a Bangkok CIA contact, immediately cordon the area and question poke. He denies understanding the man's last words. They made no sense: a woman's name, an American city. Thugs visit Poke, who's hidden by his feisty little neighbor (who probably runs a brothel, but who really knows?). All Poke wants is to finish painting the apartment before Rose and Miao get back. But he's been sucked into a big problem, and there are people who want him dead. Click below for more...
Chief among them is a fleshy, middle-aged American whose default appears to be violence. Living on the run in Bangkok isn't easy, not when you top six feet as Poke does. The only way out of his dilemma is to find out who the man is and what he's up to. With deadly consequences. Another tension-drenched thriller from a master, this one especially good. A 5, as is the whole series. If you're new to Poke Rafferty and his gritty world, read the tales in order, starting with Queen of Patpong.
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