SOVEREIGN, by C. . Sansom

3/series set in Tudor England starring lawyer Matthew Shardlake. Religious persecution coupled with an aging King Henry VIII (now on wife #5, poor, silly, doomed Katherine Howard for whom the song Girls Just Want to Have Fun could've been written) have brought England to a state of constant fear and suspense. Who will go to the Tower next? The court embarks on a spectacular progress north to York, where a recent rebellion came close to succeeding before being savagely put down. Click below for more...
Matthew Shardlake is ordered by Archbishop of Canterbury Cranmer to go to York as a petitions lawyer, but also to guard a Scots political prisoner. Matthew and his right-hand man, Jack Barak, journey to the old walled city, arriving to see more monasteries and churches torn down. The city is sullen, obviously hating the king, his religion and his policies. Matthew, working with a local lawyer, must also watch out for the prisoner's well-being, a perilous thing due to the fanatical official jailer. In  Tudor times, there was no such thing as a simple situation, or a simple solution, and this big, fascinating, cleverly plotted murder mystery brings it all to life. It's a 5; the entire series is a fabulous look at Tudor life as well as a complex mystery.
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