REVELATION, by C. J. Sansom

4/series set in Tudor England, starring lawyer Matthew Shardlake. The grisly murder of one of Matthew's closest friends draws him back into the Court's orbit. After a chief coroner tries to sweep the murder under a rug, Archbishop Cranmer summons Matthew and his law clerk Jack Barak to Lambeth Palace. The Seymour brothers, powerful courtiers, are involved in keeping the murder quiet as well. The struggle between  reformists and ailing, overweight, newly-conservative King Henry VIII. Bishop Bonner, with the king's approval, scours the city for those who do not hew to the religion du jour. Punishment is quick and horrific, justice non-existent. Click below for more...
Despite suppurating sores on both legs, Henry goes a-courting: newly-widowed Catherine Parr. She's understandably reluctant to be wife number six. Another murder makes it clear that the killer is using the Book of Revelations as the theme for his crimes. One aspect of the MO is linked to infirmarians from the dissolved monasteries. Matthew and Jack must find the maniac before more killings occur. But they don't.It becomes evident to Matthew that Catherine Parr may be a target. Dense, entertaining, at times horrific and heartbreaking, this series is, for the lover of a good mystery or a rousing good tale from another age, absolutely perfect.
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