WATCHMAN, by Ian Rankin

Miles Flint is a spy, one of those faceless men who slip around in shadows. Watching. Modest and unassuming, he's not in good odor at the London office at the moment: his last assignment brought about the death of a foreign official. Tailing another subject to a cocktail lounge in London, Flint belatedly discovers a switch: the real subject has swapped identities and is on the loose. The grisly murder of another player results. Had the suspect been warned? Casting an analytical eye back on recent debacles, Flint becomes convinced there's a mole, possibly high up,  in place. Despite assurances from the Director, he begins to investigate. Nobody's pleased with this. Click below for more...

Flint's ordered to stop wasting his time. But he perseveres, things start to add up, and then he's sent to Ireland on a brief assignment. What happens convinces him he's on the right track. With his usual meticulous plotting and characterization, Rankin's Miles Flint is a quiet man who must become totally different to survive. A great read. It's a 5.
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