THE YARD, by Alex Grecian

1/series set in Victorian London. The Metropolitan Police's failure to catch Jack the Ripper has led to a high in public contempt and a low in morale. The newly-established Murder Squad at Scotland Yard – a mere 12 detectives – is led by a new brook who intends to professionalize the squad. Detective Walter Day is summoned to Kings Cross Rail Station where an abandoned trunk was opened to reveal a partly-dismembered body...of a Murder Squad detective. Day is assigned the case, and he works closely with Dr. Bernard Kingsley, the new, self-styled forensic doctor. Click below for more...
Historical novels often illuminate past times, but this one adds extra layers of grime, soot, filth and deprivation: Victorian London was an appallingly dangerous and unhealthy place to live unless you were the privileges top percents. The author goes on to add layers of gore as Day tracks the killer: is it Jack the Ripper? If not, why did the detective die? It's a 5, and a fabulous start to a fascinating series.
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