HARD GOING, by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

16/in the Bill Slider series of British police procedurals. When a retiring former barrister is found dead in his flat of blows to the head, finding out who and why becomes even more than the usual puzzle for Slider and his team. Who was Lionel Bygod? Why was he so reclusive, so secretive? Why did the killer leave before the victim had finished the check he was writing? Did the maid, with a neer-do-well husband, do it? How about the hard-eyed ex-wife? Click below for more...
But everyone's alibis check out, and Slider's back at square one. On the home front, his wife is contemplating a major job promotion that will mean she's gone even more from their new son and their soon-to-arrive second child. Atherton, Slider's sidekick, is antsy from the absence of his girlfriend; is he sliding back into his old licentious ways? Porson, Slider's guv, continues to mangle the Queen's english in new and wonderful ways. And then one of the sloggers in the outfit notices an anomaly...
As always, full of humor, deft plotting, personal lives seamlessly worked into the daily police grind...this is a series that will give you many happy hours of reading. It's a 5.
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