CITY OF SECRETS, by Stewart O'Nan

1945, Jerusalem, in British-occupied Palestine. European Jews, those surviving, struggle to reach the Promised Land. Britain is determined to control the Mandate. Jossi, once called Brand, once a Latvian, once in a death camp, now a survivor without a living family, drives an underground-owned taxi for tourists. His more-or-less girlfriend Eva is a call girl. Both of them are also freedom fighters intent on driving the British out of their country. The myth of the Jew who does not fight no longer applies to them. To continue, click below...
Brand's major problem is that he lives. Everyone he loved has died in the camps. Even with Eva, he's not really there. Various operations bring Brand into the murky orbit of an underground cell. A good soldier - what choice does he have? - he follows orders. As the violence and danger escalates, he begins to question why. With his usual direct style, O'Nan has crafted an atmospheric, outstanding book of penetrating moral value. It's an off-the-charts 5+.
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