2/series starring obsessed FBI Agent Lucy Guardino. Contemporary FBI thrillers don't get a whole lot more intense than this. Chained to her desk (where she's supposed to be anyway) and watched by her supervisors, Lucy misses the field, and tracking down criminals. Then a taunting letter arrives on her desk: she made a mistake on a case four years earlier and the letter hints there's more deaths to come. Lucy's told the closed case, with the psychopathic murderer being swept into an underground river, will not be re-opened.Click below for more...
But Lucy remembers the young boy who'd watched his mother and father die in the underground shoot-out, and she decides to investigate on her own. The complex plot unfolds with multiple viewpoints of both Lucy and the bad   really, really bad – guys hat ought to give even devotees of the genre chills. A 4, with more breakneck action (in more ways than one).
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