9/series with Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin. Set in London among the ton, St. Cyr and his new and very pregnant wife Hero, in this very intricate and satisfying Regency England/Napoleonic era murder mystery. Sebastian's good friend Dr. Paul Gibson literally stumbles across a Frenchwoman in a noisesome alley in one of London's slums; nearby is the body of a young French doctor whose body has been bizarrely mutilated. Click below for more...
The Frenchwoman has amnesia, remembers nothing of the evening as she recovers at Gibson's cottage. Sebastian discovers the young man was part of a delegation sent by Napoleon to sound out England on a peace plan; the British official deeply involved is none other than his father-in-law. Mutual loathing is the hallmark of their relationship and Lord Jarvis warns Sebastian off any investigation. Through the multitudes of French royalty seeking asylum in England provides too many clues for Sebastian to ignore. Fears from the past, and fears for his own child in the near future, form another story line throughout the tale. Richly detailed,  deeply emotional in parts, clearly plotted: you can't find a better series. It's a 5 in all aspects.

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