10/series set in Georgian England, starring Sebastian St. Cyr. Elegant writing, elegant plotting, elegant characters. For the devotee of a high-class historical murder mystery series with a magnificently troubled hero and a marvelous cast of high-profile supporting characters (including the Regent of England in all his piggy glory), this is the series for you. Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is now father of the adorable Simon and has two hostages to fortune: his son and his wife, Hero. Click below for more...
When the decapitated body of a wealthy, social-climbing plantation owner is found in the newly-developed area of Sloane Square, Sebastian is drawn into the murder. Are there links to the long-ago beheading of Charles I? Or is that merely a red herring. Hero's powerful father, Lord Jarvis, enters the mystery as he protects the monarchy at all costs. But even more valuable to him is his grandson and daughter, and Sebastian is well aware of the retribution that is his should either one be hurt. As always, complex plotting, complex emotions, and a totally satisfying read. It's a 5.
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