THURSDAY'S CHILD, by Nicci French

4/series, starring the one-and-only Freida Klein, London psychiatrist. Wow, Freida really throws a curve in this one! Pressured into consulting with the daughter of a long-ago classmate in a life she'd rather never re-enter, Frieda is drawn into a shocking duplication of a horrific incident in her teen years. The classmate's daughter, Becky Capel, is coping well with her recent trauma when the unexpected happens and Frieda must returns to her childhood town. And her mother, sure to be awarded Coldest Mother of the Century. Click her for more...but no spoiler...
Meanwhile, her lover Sandy returns from America. Meanwhile, Frieda reacquaints herself with old classmates, all of whom have changed. Meanwhile, her niece Chloe is embarking on a risky love affair. Meanwhile, the ever-available Josef cooks and seduces. Many threads, but all skilfully interwoven, all resolved...mostly. Read it as a series, but prepare to be addicted. It's a 5.
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