SKELETON KEY, by Jane Haddam

16/series (now running to almost 30) starring retired FBI profiler Gregor Demarkian. With a supporting cast of Armenian-Americans, plus Bennis Hannaford, whom Gregor's afraid he loves. Bennis, visiting the very posh countryside of northwest Connecticut, pays a duty visit to haughty and cold-blooded Margaret Anson. Slipping out for a smoke, Bennis discovers the body of Kayla Anson, a young heiress and media darling, strangled. An area composed of tiny towns with few police stations (a "resident trooper" was the norm), Gregor is soon invited to consult. Click below for more...
Bennis, bedeviled by a racking cough, must stay at the charming historic inn, but is consoled by her lover's presence. Gregor, bedeviled by a dull young cop who ferries him around. With Haddam's usual crop of highly-detailed characters revealed to the reader by long passages of introspection, we get a chance to know these people, from frailties to strengths. Most of them you'd probably not want to count as friends. It's a 4, well-plotted, but as with this entire series, the character studies is what you'll probably read for. Ideal for a week in the country, the side plots (a child custody squabble in this case) are as interesting as the murder (in this case, plural: murders).
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