Truely Noonan and his older sister, Courtney, are brought up in blue collar, religious Hinds County, Miss, by "normal" parents. Court, always wayward and independent (depending on who's talking) flees to California to set her life on a new path. Truely never gave his life path much thought. Transported to the Bay Area by happenstance, the laid-back Truely has love affairs, finds a great business partner and makes lots of money, and stays close to his now-married sister. He seems to be an observer of his own life. Click below for more, but no spoiler...
When Arnold shows up on his doorstep, Truely wants nothing to do with the sullen, unfocused teenager As he came by way of his not-quite girlfriend Shauna, he lets the kid stay for a night. Which stretches into weeks, then months. But the thugishly-dressed Arnold may not be what he seems, even though he's got good manners. A leisurely read about interesting people and their responses to challenge, love, loneliness, and need. For some, it may be a bit slow with a too-equivocal ending. It's a 4..
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