THE QUEEN OF PATPONG, by Timothy Hallinan

4/Poke Rafferty series. By now, you're hooked on this fabulous, gritty, ultra-realistic series. But if this the first review you've read of a Hallinan book, you're in for a treat, my friend. This guy is not only a fabulous plotter and a one-of-a-kind developer of interesting characters, but he has a sense of humor that shows up on a lot of pages. Humor is good in Poke Rafferty's life, particularly when an old flame of his new wife's shows up. Click below for more...
Rose, who works for years in the Patpong sex trade, is clearly terrified of the man, and Rafferty quickly learns why: he's out for revenge. Rose and their adopted daughter Miao must go into hiding while Rafferty figures out a way to neutralize the threat. Do not read these out of order, one builds on the other. Start with #1, A Nail Through the Heart. They are all 5s, superb, spine-chilling reads with a marvelous sense of time and place. Why Hallinan isn't a household name is beyond me.

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