THE HOT COUNTRIES, by Tmothy Hallinan

7/series in the gritty, Bangkok-set Poke Rafferty thrillers. A new arrival in a Patpong bar has managed to offend all the regulars - aging Vietnam vets who remained behind when the rest went home - with his non-stop talking. The stranger, Varney, seems to have an interest in Poke, who rarely stops by. Poke's got his hands full: his wife, Rose, is pregnant, and his adopted daughter Miaow, a former street orphan, is developing into an actress. Poke's friend Arthit is finally over his wife's death, and has a new live-in. The new woman in Arthit's life teaches at a school in a street kids' refuge, where one of the residents is 13 year-old Treasure, who Poke saved in a house fire that killed her abusive father. Click below for more...
Poke quickly learns that Varney has a grim agenda, and has set his sights on everything Poke loves. As Varney's trap tightens, the old vets discover they might have one more firefight left in them. As always, it's a raw, gritty, no-holds-barred 5. Amazed these haven't been made into a series.
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