THE FOURTH WATCHER, by Timothy Hallinan

2/series set in Bangkok starring Poke Rafferty. Some advice: start with the first Poke Rafferty novel, Nail Through the Heart, just to set the stage. Then, knowing you will not put this one down until the last page, open the covers. Get comfy first, because this crazy-wild tour of the underbelly of Bangkok will cure you of an urge to visit the city. Unless, of course, you're looking for sex. Rafferty, now building the family he never thought he'd have, has Miao and Rose, his adopted daughter Miao and his girlfriend Rose, safe at home. The police, and a particularly edgy U.S. Secret Service Agent, pound on their door in the middle of the night. Rose's business partner has passed counterfeit bills. Rafferty, who is getting tougher and edgier with each book, almost bodily throws them out. His Bangkok Police Colonel friend Arthit says, bad move. Choose your enemies as carefully as your friends. A beautiful Eurasian woman shadows Poke; provoked to follow her, he is held at gunpoint, then knocked unconscious. When he comes to, in a bleak warehouse...
It's a 5, full of violence, intrigue, face-offs, face-downs, grisly death, betrayals, anguish, heartbreak, terror, kidnappings, extortion, old hates surfacing, new loves confirmed. Wow, what a series.
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