STAR FALL, by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

17/series. Contemporary London. Bill Slider, much put-upon Detective Inspector, must discover why Rowland Egerton, the handsome, charismatic star of Antiques Galore! has been murdered in his dining room. While items are missing, the motive doesn't seem to be robbery. Egerton's devoted sidekick, John Lavender, clearly could be the killer: opportunity galore, he discovered the body. But motive? Perhaps not. Click below for more...
Delving into the glamorous TV star's background and past offers many clues, but it takes one sharp-eyed Sergeant to start them on the path to the murderer. Obviously, 17 books give us a lot of reading pleasure, and more than a few laughs. While the novels probably can stand alone, why deny yourself the pleasure of discovering Bill Slider and his team in order? It's a 4.
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