SEARCH THE DARK, by Charles Todd

3/series. 1918: In this gripping post-Great War mystery, Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge is sent to Dorset to investigate the disappearance of two children. Riding unseen - but not unheard - with Rutledge is Hamish, a Scottish officer who died under Rutledge's command, and who saved his life. While the story of the missing children and the country policeman standing in Rutledge's way are central to the "outer" plot, the more harrowing plot is Rutledge's own silent, internal struggle to maintain his sanity, threatened as much by his always-awake demon, Hamish, as by present stresses. Click below for more...
A tour-de-force on the price any soldier in battle pays, on PTSD (or shell shock, as it was then known), and on the awful futility of the War to End All wars, as it was then billed. It's a 5, and a series that'll get its teeth into you.
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