LEGACY OF THE DEAD, by Charles Todd

4/series. 1919: Scotland Yard's Inspector Ian Rutledge, beset by devils in all aspects of his life, must suffer the endless criticism and plotting of his own superior, Bowles (aka Old Bowels). Above all things, Rutledge does not want anything to do with Scotland: in the war, many of the soldiers under his command - and who died in their hundreds by his orders - were Scots, and his memories are unrelenting and vicious. The devious, bad-tempered Bowles sends him to placate the imperious Lady Maude Gray, who secretly fears her estranged daughter is the corpse found on a Scottish hillside. Click below for more...
With his personal demon Hamish riding in the back seat of his car, Rutledge is driven to uncover the secret of the long-dead woman, and prevent a miscarriage of justice that would hang an innocent young woman. But the surprised in store for Rutledge just don't stop coming. Another 5 for this often-harrowing series.
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