JUST ONE LOOK, by Harlan Coben

It's an ordinary day for suburban wife Grace Lawson, while the kids are in school she's running errands. One of them is to pick up family photos at the developers. But one of the photos is twenty years old, and the group of young people includes a male that could be her husband, Jack. When she confronts her spouse that night, he denies it is he. Later that evening, he gets in his car and drives away. And doesn't come back.  Click below for more...
Police routinely pooh-pooh early reports of an adult's disappearance, so Grace must figure out what has happened. Soon, she finds others are looking for him, too, and will use her children as leverage. As always with Coben's books, it's tightly and craftily plotted, with a winning heroine in this case. A good stand-alone book for a lazy weekend, it's a 4.
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