GRAVE GOODS, by Ariana Franklin

2/series, Mistress of the Art of Death. England, 1176, just after famed pilgrimage site Glastonbury Abbey has been burned to the ground. Physician and anatomist Adelia Aguilar is sent to the abbey to authenticate two skeletons discovered in the ruins; are they King Arthur and Queen Guenevere? King Henry II, fighting insurrection in Wales, wants Adelia to agree. But first she must save the life of a howling churchman whose prostate has gotten in the way.  Click below for more...
Overseen by Henry's new Bishop of St. Albans - also father of Adelia's infant daughter - Adelia must walk a fine line between warring factions. And unmask an unexpected murderer in their midst. It's a 5; the entire series (sadly, there will probably be no more) is a 5, perfect for a week's bingeing.
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