FELL PURPOSE, by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

12?/series in the Detective Inspector Bill Slider books. Once again, Slider and his fascinating CID team track a killer, this one of a pretty teenager found, strangled, in a field near the infamous Wormwood scrubs prison. Zellah Wilding's parents are not only distraught but bitterly blaming each other: the mother accuses the father of being a control freak, the father says the wife is too lenient. Where does the truth lie? Interviews with the girl's friends reveal a life neither parent had guessed at. As Slider and his team sift through the leads, and Slider's boss mangles aphorisms by the cartload, is the clock ticking for another victim?Click below for more...
Despite the grisly nature of the crime, as always the author has slipped in marvelous comedy and sly humor. The dialogue between the officers is often hilarious, and Porson - Slider's superior - is priceless. Read the series in order if at all possible. You could binge an entire week on this series, and none will fail to keep your interest. It's a 5.
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