DEATH IS NO BARGAIN, by Michael W. Sherer

5/series starring free-lance writer Emerson Ward. A year ago, Ward rescued a young woman, Ellen Forrester, as she wandered a lakefront beach in Chicago. Now, Ellen is missing and her volatile father accuses Ward of having an affair with the teenager. Even after Forrester pulls a gun and shoots at Ward, he lets the guy go, and forgets about Ellen. Weeks later, he's shamed into tracking her down when the girl's mother begs for his help. But it's too late: Ellen's killed in an auto accident several states away. Click below for more...
The reluctant detective, bedeviled by his lover's unexpected pregnancy and possible abortion, finally dewcides to find out what Ellen Forrester was doing in the remote town where a nunnery operates a sanctuary for pregnant girls. Despite his lack of focus, and a faintly wandering tale, Ward comes through with a solution to Ellen's murder, and a unexpected facet to the quiet, austere life of the forest-bound nuns. It's a 3.5. Little violence, lots of philosophical fumblings, an appealing protagonist. .