APE HOUSE, by Sara Gruen

Bonobo apes, sharing 97.2% of our DNA, are matriarchal, peaceable, entertaining, and highly, constantly sexual. Isabel Duncan, scientist at a mid-west America language-study lab, is more attuned to bonobos than humans. When an animal rights group bombs the lab and “liberates” the apes, Isabel is nearly killed. John Thigpen, reporter, who had visited the bonobos only days before the explosion, returns to the lab but is scooped by an unscrupulous colleague and later looses his job.  Click below for more...
Unrecognizable from her injuries, Isabel frantically tries to find the apes, but they’ve vanished...until they turn up on a reality TV show masterminded by a porn king. Ingenious, tense, a fine read for a leisurely weekend. Kick back, peel a banana and enjoy. It’s a 5.
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