9/series set in Bangkok and starring homicide detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep, former monk, intent on keeping his karma unsullied while working for Colonel Vikorn, the most corrupt cop in the kingdom. A homicide of a schoolgirl whose head has literally been torn off is highlighted by a smeared message in her blood on the room's mirror. It's addressed to Sonchai, hinting about thefather he's endlessly searching for. The next day, in a torrential monsoon, he sees two men throw their relative into the raging river. In charge of the bizarre acts seems to be a handsome blond giant. Click below for more . . .
Colonel Vikorn, apparently bought out by the Chinese, directs Sonchai to investigate the girl's murder. It quickly becomes obvious that the blond giant, who has diplomatic immunity so can't be charged for the crime, is a vanguard for a scary new form of humanity. But what does that mean to the detective? Or to Thailand, the PRC, and the USA? The book raises as many questions as it answers. Excellent! Troubling. Exhausting and entertaining. It'd make a fab holiday present for someone who likes to think. As always, the book is told in first person, and the detective is unsparingly candid, with a wry, we've-already-lost sense of humor and voice. It's a challenging 5 (so much of the dialogue is'll see), with a lot of graphic violence, a lot of weird psychology, and a scary take on the direction the world is taking.
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