THE STRANGER, by Harlan Coben

A stand-alone novel by the master of contemporary suburban angst, average Joe protagonists, and all-too-human villains, Coben has once again come up with an unexpected plot and a multitude of twists. At the American Legion bar, a stranger approaches Adam Price and tells him a secret. Adam quickly realizes the stranger, who won't reveal his name, knows a lot about his wife, Corinne. And the details ring true. Adam, an attorney, family man, father of two boys and loving husband of Corinne, must confront his wife with the revealed secret. But her reaction isn't what he'd expected. Click below for more no-spoiler review...
Nothing that follows is what Adam expects, either, from disappearances to cyber crimes to missing funds to murder. From living the good life in the above-average American Dream, Adam must follow a tortured path into the past to find the truth. Well, that last sentence sounded like something on the back of the book, but it happens to be true. Once again Coben has produced a great hero in Adam Price, a guy like your neighbor who suddenly finds himself trapped in the underbelly of the American Dream. No sex but some amount of violence; it's a 5.
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