SHARDS OF HOPE, by Nalini Singh

14/series in the Psy-changeling series. Fantastic shapeshifter culture doesn't get more carefully thought-out than this intricate earth-set series. This novel focuses on the life and changing culture of the Arrows, an elite force once used by the ruling power cabal as enforcers. Now, under the guidance of Aden Kai, their culture will change to one allowing emotion, long forbidden. For some, change will come. But for others, it's not only impossible but threatening, both in the force and in the world at large. When Aden wakes in a dark cellar, he find his badly-beaten Commander, Zaira, huddled in a corner. Click below for more...
With typical bloody panache, they manage to break free, but are pursued through hostile mountains as Zaira continues to fade. As usual, there are plots within plots, confrontations galore, alpha posturings and challenges left and right, and a good set of villains. This is properly a two-book sets (perhaps longer?), but reads well enough in its own right to satisfy the Psy-changeling addict. It's a complex, action-packed 5.
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