BORDER-LINE, by Liza Marklund

8/series starring Swedish reporter Annika Bengtzon. English language translation by Neil Smith. When a young woman is found murdered in the woods behind a day-care center, reporter Bengtzon wonders if it isn't the work of a serial killer. A colleague, ever watchful for sensational stories, runs with it, and discovers other murders with the same MO. As Bengtzon mulls over the possibility of it being the women's boyfriends, she gets news that her husband, Thomas, attending a conference in Kenya, has been kidnapped by an Islamist cadre. Click below for more...
Thomas, along with a half-dozen others, vanished along the Somali border. What, Bengtzon wonders, was he doing there? This primitive place is not his usual haunts, he much prefers fine wine and pretty women. Jimmy Helenius, an old friend now in Thomas's government department, is assigned to the negotiations for ransom. Following a multitude of story lines without snarling them, any reader of mysteries with an alpha heroine will be mesmerized. Prepare to stay up waay past your bedtime on this one. It's a 5, with mild sex and brutal violence. Not for the faint of heart in spots.
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