THE BAT, by Jo Nesbo

A tasty prequel to the noir Harry Hole series find our self-destructive but sexy detective from the Oslo Crime Squad sent to Sydney, Australia to observe investigation into the murder of a young Norwegian woman, Inger Holter. Upon arrival, a local detective, aboriginal Andrew Kensington, takes him to his hotel, later to the police offices where he's told by the captain to lay low and enjoy his vacation. But Harry has never done that, he's by instinct a detective.  Click below for more...
He befriends both Kensington and a pretty young Swedish witness (and she befriends him right back), and in short order Hole's gadding about with Kensington in an effort to track Holter's connections. Kensington takes on the job of educating Hole about Dreamtime and Aborigine legends, of which the Bat is one. As with all the Harry Hole (finally! pronounced "hoo-leh"!) novels, things aren't what they seem until the last minute. Another winner from the Norwegian crime star, it's a gritty, sometimes hopeless, 4, and a lesson in Dreamtime legends
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