MURDER AS A FINE ART, by David Morrell

London, 1854, filled with swirling, noxious fog and populated by easily-upset crowds of hard-drinking, impoverished workers. A grisly multiple murder brings a renowned author, Thomas deQuincy and his forthright daughter Emily to the notice of Scotland Yard. The murders appear to be patterned after the sensational Ratcliff murders of decades before, and it is claimed "encouraged" by de Quincy's incendiary essay on Murder as a Fine Art. Click below for more...
Lord Palmerston, like all politicians primarily concerned with retaining power, micro-manages the situation, driving both Scotland Yard men and the deQincy's into the murderer's grasp. Written with a deep bow to the style of mid 19thC novels, the tale is satisfying on every level. It's a 4, with noirish touches that you'll find chilling and entertaining.
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