HEROES ARE MY WEAKNESS, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Contemporary romance doesn't get a whole lot better than this bright, funny, and suspensful novel by award-winning author Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Annie Hewitt returns to her childhood vacation spot, Peregrine Island, in the dead of a Maine winter. The terms of her flamboyant late mother's will insist she stay for 60 days. Broke and dispirited, that's okay with Annie, as she has a legacy to find that could change her life. Almost at once, she bumps into an old nemesis, Theo Harp, who in their teens not only teased her but almost got her killed. Now an author famous for his grisly, graphic novel, at first sight the now-hostile Theo is dressed in 19thC clothes and carries a dueling pistol. Click below for more...
Annie vows to steer clear of her tormentor, who's clearly not in his right mind. His housekeeper, who once saved Annie's life, now has a daughter and a broken leg, and Annie is hooked into helping out at Harp House. Memories resurface, of Theo and his charming twin sister Regan, of her last summer, of the terrible moments she'd nearly died, when Regan did die. But that's history, and the present seems to be as much trouble and danger. As winter clamps down and Theo becomes more intrusive, Annie's not sure which way to turn. A 5, tense and suspenseful right to the end.
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