DEADLEY ELECTION, by Lindsey Davis

3/Flavia Albia novels, set in ancient Rome, 89AD. Building on the fabulous success of the Marcus Didius Falco novels (all 20 of them), the once-orphaned street urchin rescued from the filth and danger of Londinium is a marvelous character. Following in the socially dubious footsteps of her adopted father, Flavia Albia is an informer, a private eye. The family business, however, is auctions, and the Callisti family needs funds. It's election season and they've put out too many bribes that didn't pay off. Part of their belongings is an old strongbox, large and heavy, iron banded. And in it is a corpse. Click below for more...
As senior family member in Rome (dad's loafing on the coast), Flavia Albia must identify the corpse, find out how it died, and if it's foul play bring the murderer to justice. Meanwhile, her possible suitor - laid-back Faustus - asks for her help in accomplishing the election of his good friend. But there's something awry with the friend's marriage: his wife has left, a kiss of death in Roman politics. As the intrepid duo seek for solutions, the many strands in this complex yarn come together. The cover on the right is the American cover. I really like the one on the left. This is a 5, with a delightful and authentic character as the lead (pure Falco, pure Flavia Albia, pure fun).
This would be perfect as a holiday gift. Maybe there'll be a boxed set of three?
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