Mesmerizing! This is what a careful, meticulous author can accomplish: a stunning read that will grab you and ruin your entire normal schedule. Hired as an assistant to handsome Alistair Gellis while his usual assistant is out of town, penniless Sarah Piper goes to a small English village to investigate a haunting. The spirit belongs to Maddy Clare, a nineteen year-old maid who killed herself in a barn, and her ghost is now supposed to inhabit the building. Click below for more, but no spoilers...
A young Maddy had appeared, brutalized and half-naked, at her benefactors back door, had worked for years below stairs, and then for no apparent reason had hung herself. Sarah, completely unprepared for any occult experience, is terrorized at the first violent encounter in the barn. She's also completely unprepared for Gellis's assistant when he shows up: Matthew Ryder, horribly scarred World War I veteran. Carefully built up, the haunting becomes increasingly threatening, until Sarah and Matthew are faced with life-and-death choices. Excellent read! Beautifully done! It's a 5.
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