SAVAGE GARDEN, by Denise Hamilton

4/series starring Eve Diamond, LA reporter and trouble magnet. In Sugar Skull, Eve Diamond met and fell for the handsome and irresistible Silvio Aguilar. In this fast-paced novel, Catarina Velosi, mercurial actress playing the lead in Alfonso Reventon's new play, vanishes on opening night. Eve and Silvio go to the actresses' apartment; something has happened there, a window screen is missing, but the actresses' purse is on a table. Why does Eve's lover Silvio have a key to Velosi's apartment? Click below for more...
Eve is saddled with an opportunistic female reporter imported from Texas, who manages to scoop her unwilling mentor with a gee-whiz-it-just-happened shrug.  Juggling the aggressive girl, her suspicions of Silvio, and clues that simply don't add up, Eve pursues bits and pieces. How does Silvio's's long-time friendship with Alfonso Reventon, whose life went from bario gangbanger to acclaimed playwright, play out as the murder investigation ramps up? Is Velosi even alive? Who's threatening Eve? The explosive final scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat. It's a 4.
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