TO DARKNESS AND TO DEATH, by Julia Spencer-Fleming

4/series by a multi-award-winning author of mystery and  suspense. In the New York Adirondacks town of Millers Kill, a quarter-million-acre estate is to be sold to a Malaysian lumber consortium and then donated to an environmental group to protect it from logging. The three owners, heirs to the many-hundred years-old estate, will sign off on the deal at a gala banquet attended by all the local movers and shakers. Then one of the three heirs, young Millie van der Hoeven, vanishes into thin air. Click below for more...
While local police and rescue teams search the dense woods for her, a local papermill owner is giving his last desperate pitch to a bank for a consolidating loan...a local couple faces economic disaster when the lumbering on the estate shuts down...the owner of the logging operation will face retirement when he can no longer log on land his family has leased for generations...and the local unmarried Episcopal priest, Reverend Claire Ferguson and married Police Chief Russ van Alstyne are in love. And you may think you know what's going on but you don't, in this compelling tour de force of what people under pressure are capable of. It's a 5.
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