THE DEVIL'S MAKING, by Sean Haldane

Nineteenth-century Victoria, in Canada's western British Columbia, rarely figures in a novel, but this award-winning tale will keep you pinned to your seat. Young Chad Hobbes, newly-arrived in the struggling town from England and forced to become a policeman rather than the barrister he had envisioned, investigates the grisly murder of an American alienist. Dr. McCrory was flamboyant in the American style, and practiced a rather peculiar method of calming his patients. Accused of the murder is an indian, prince of a little tribe, and he is clapped in jail without much regard for truth. Click below for more...
Hobbes, mesmerized by the prince's wife, sets himself to unravel the mystery, which threatens the peace between settlers and indians. Not only a taut mystery but a marvelous investigation of the mind-sets of both settlers and indians. It's a 5, dilled with beautifully-researched settings and people.
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