5/series of the adventures of Erast Fandorin, agent to the Russian Imperial Police. Translated from the Russian. Fandorin and his Japanese manservant go up against a master swindler who makes off with large sums of rubles from wealthy but credulous victims. The Jack of Spades is a master at disguise, and Fandorin's vast powers of ratiocination are severely stressed. He even takes on a spotty, timid, under-achieving messenger boy, Anisii, as his assistant. Click below for more...
While they search for the Jack of Spades, a far more ominous criminal appears: someone is emulating Jack the Ripper, carving up prostitutes and leaving the pieces in grotesque patterns. For lovers of intricate plots in exotic settings, this idiosyncratic author and his most unusual hero cannot be beat. It's a 5.
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