PERFECT SINS, by Jo Bannister

Gabriel Ash lost his family to Somali pirates. Four years later, after a complete emotional collapse, he's putting his life back together, but still searching for his wife and two young sons. He's been given renewed hope by a criminal who says they are alive. Hazel Best, a young police officer, takes Ash to her family home, where an unexpected happening at an archeological dig unearths a modern grave. Click below for more...
As Ash and Hazel pursue clues about the burial, he loses sight of his pursuit of his family. Written with Bannister's usual meticulous style, my only complaint is the completely unsatisfactory ending, a recent trend I abhore. Which will compel you to buy another book, the sequel - or maybe one of a series of sequels - to Gabriel Ash's quest.  It's a 4.
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