HERBIE'S GAME, by Timothy Hallinan

4/series starring Junior Bender, burglar and sleuth for criminals. For years, Herbie was Junior's mentor and father-figure. Now retired, the never-arrested master burglar still hold a special place in Junior's heart. When a major crime figure is burgled, all clues lead to either Herbie - who from time to time liked to leave a stylistic calling card - or his protoge. Wattles, the "executive crook", specializes in setting up hits. No longer trusting his memory for the long list of cutouts he uses, he had scribbled them on a piece of paper...and that's what's missing. Click below for more...
The latest hit seems to be the one that's most to blame. Wattles gives a few hints, but his threats to off Junior have real resonance. Junior's first stop is to visit his idolized mentor, where he finds a gruesome scene. In subsequent interviews he discovers things about Herbie he never would have dreamed. As with all Hallinan's novels, the clues are well-hidden and the climax is always one of those I-shoulda-seen-it-coming surprises. Deft, funny, deep, completely fulfilling. It's a 5.
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