7/series set in Regency England starring Sebastian St. Cyr. A promising archeological career - and Sebastian's honeymoon - is cut short when the body of a young Englishwoman, Gabrielle Tennyson, is found floating in the moat surrounding her work site. Gabrielle, good friend to Sebastian's new wife Hero, had been excavating a Roman ruin which might also have been Arthurian. Drawn into the investigation at Hero's insistence, Sebastian discovers clues leading him into direct conflict with his new father-in-law, a close and powerful advisor to the self-indulgent Prince Regent. Click below fore more...
Sebastian is well aware of the immense power the ruthless Lord Jarvis wields, and he is also aware that his new wife's loyalties are ambivalent. The newlyweds find themselves working against each other at times in this richly layered mystery, which I would suggest you read in order, thus giving you the delightful duty of binge reading. It's a 5, as are all the other books in the series (numbering ten at the moment). One of the best historical series going.
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