THE QUEEN'S DWARF, by Ella March Chase

Handsome Jeffrey Hudson, born in 1612, never grew past 18" due to a pituitary disorder. Sold by his brutish father to the ambitious, conniving Duke of Buckingham, Jeffrey was placed in the household of England's Queen Henrietta Maria., wife of King James. Despised by the populace for being French and Catholic, the teen-aged queen was surrounded by enemies, especially her husband's dearest friend, handsome George Villiers, the amoral Duke of Buckingham, and Jeffrey's spymaster.  Click below for more...
Told in the first person by the humble but beautiful boy who was destined to be the queen's most fervent partisan, this tense, sweeping tale of intrigue and betrayal will keep any enthusiast of historical fiction on the edge of their seat. Compelling, multi-layered, evocative, ranging from tender friendship to brutal conniving, it's a 5.
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