HELL, by Robert Olen Butler

Thought-provoking, compelling, diabolical, surrealistic, nuanced, gritty, scary, hilarious. TV personality Hatcher McCord dies and wakes up in Hell, announcing the evening news, which is even more stupid and pointless than what he did in real life (announcing the evening news). He is married, or in love with, Anne Boleyn, who yearns only for – but can't find – Henry VIII. Their neighbors will spend all eternity in their tacky, slummy apartment, repeating the same stupid, pointless arguments they spent their live lives engaged in. Hatcher is compelled to greet them and listen to their idiocy. Day and night cycles unpredictably. People are torn apart and reconstituted on a regular basis. Hatcher's chauffeur is speed demon Dick Nixon, who mows down whole streets of pedestrians. Who of course suffer agonies until they are reconstituted. Nobody could have come up with a more...devilish...novel. It's a gripping, tortured 5.
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