8/series starring Sebastian St. Cyr. Regency murder mystery series can't possibly get any better than this. Newly-wed St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, copes with personal tragedy as an old Army friend dies. Then the husband of his former lover is put into Newgate Prison after he's found crouched over the body of a notoriously eccentric art dealer. The magistrate in charge, who thinks a brace of felons hanged is a good prelude to breakfast, has no interest in investigating the murder: the dashing Russell Yates was there and he will be tried and hung. Click below for more...
But Sebastian is sure there's more to the story than appears, even if Russell is reticent about his role. Sebastian sets himself to learn the truth, even if it means getting in the way of his all-powerful father-in-law Lord Jarvis. As always, the author has woven an intricate and detailed plot peopled with unique characters (the dead art dealer is guaranteed to make your skin crawl), and Sebastian's new wife is developing into an even more compelling force than in previous novels. Treat yourself: get all of them and binge. It's an intricately-layered 5.
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